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Access Gmail with Mozilla Thunderbird using POP

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  •  21 June 2019
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Step by step guide to Access Gmail with Mozilla Thunderbird using POP?

Emails have become a crucial aspect in the life of every individual. The users these days use multiple email services and hence toggling among these various emails tend to be a task in itself. The whole process of going through numerous email services can be a highly frustrating task. In such a position if you are using Gmail and Thunderbird email services, then you would have the option of accessing both emails at the same time. This would help users save a lot of time and effort. The Thunderbird email users can easily access their Gmail account by using the POP setup. The users can quickly get this process done by connecting with Mozilla Thunderbird Phone Number. The users can also do a run through of this blog, which you would give them a clear understanding of the process that needs to be undertaken.

The ideal way to set up Gmail account in Mozilla Thunderbird

The users can efficiently complete the setup of Gmail account in Mozilla Thunderbird using the below-given steps:

  1. The users would have to ensure that their POP access is turned on for the Gmail account
  2. Then the users would have to select the Tools and Accounts settings from the menu of Mozilla Thunderbird
  3. Further, you would have to tap on the option which says ‘Add Account
  4. Then you would have to make sure that you have selected the Gmail account
  5. Now under the section of ‘You Name’ fill your name.
  6. Also under the email address section, fill the Gmail email address
  7. Then you would have to choose the ‘Continue’ option and click on ‘Done.’
  8. Now you would have to click on ‘OK.’

If you come across any issue while working on setting up your Gmail account with Mozilla Thunderbird, then there is nothing that you would need to worry about. The users can easily seek professional assistance by connecting with Mozilla Thunderbird Customer service. This service is accessible by all the users on a 24-hour basis and is entirely free of any charge. The professionals at this service would ensure that the users are effectively able to complete the setup procedure.

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